Librelist Is Now Fully Functional

Alright, I managed to get all of the basic features going for early.

  • Bounce detection is working great, but still needs more real world beatings.
  • When you subscribe, if the list doesn’t exist, it sends you some possible similar existing ones, just in case you spelled it wrong.
  • There’s now web archives (very basic) at /browser/ that you can browse.
  • You can get the archives via rsync too, but don’t be a jerkwad about this. Find a path you want and then do rsync -azv and you’ll get a maildir.
  • Emails in the archive are stripped of most useless headers and the sender’s name is cleaned up a bit. It’s not fool-proof, but then again you are sending your address on the internets to a public list, so I hope you are wearing protection.

For now that’s all the work I’m going to do on librelist while I work on the Lamson 1.0pre1 release tomorrow.