A Few Updates To Librelist

I’ve started working the ticket queue and managed to get out a few little annoying things that people wanted or that were missing. I’m still going to be doing deploys today in my attempt to get things cleaned up further, but so far I’ve done the following:

=== 2009-12-13 ===
01:47:47 [3356e9d42c] *CURRENT* Stop altering the email addresses in the
         archives. (user: zedshaw tags: trunk)
01:40:30 [d7211e427a] The mailing list name is now added to the subject if not
         there already. (user: zedshaw tags: trunk)
01:29:33 [39d5ddc37b] New site layout done and pushed. (user: zedshaw tags:
=== 2009-12-12 ===
23:36:37 [cc081005a1] Added the librelist website code. (user: zedshaw tags:
=== 2009-12-01 ===
04:34:15 [0b6a443b36] Initial commit after moving from lamson project. (user:
         zedshaw tags: trunk)
04:32:14 [37f03800c8] initial empty check-in (user: zedshaw tags: trunk)

What this means is there’s a new site that is clean and simple, some cleaned up docs that will expand as I work on things, and a couple of new features:

  • List names are prepended to the subject line like [meta] if it’s not in the subject already.
  • The archives no longer mangle email addresses with AT. It wasn’t helping and it made it too hard for people to archive.
  • You can now CC or multi-To a librelist and it’ll get sent. Previously I blocked these but too many people were doing it so I’m letting it go through.

I’ll be trying to close out as many of those defects as possible, so stay tuned.