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PCB and firmware branches

PCB and firmware branches

Phil Hagelberg
2014-12-03 @ 03:17
Hello folks.

I wanted to let you know about some changes I've made to the firmware
recently. I've revamped the Atreus design to be built around a circuit
board instead of the original hand-wired design.

For the most part this change doesn't affect what the keyboard is like
to use, but the new design also incorporates a different
microcontroller, and thus a different pin assignment, from the original;
rather than a Teensy 2, an A-Star Micro[1] is used. They have the same
chip on board, but since the pins used are different, some changes have
been made to the firmware. Users with a Teensy 2-based board (any
shipped before 26 November) will need to use the "teensy2" branch of the
atreus-firmware[2] codebase rather than the master branch. Don't
worry--I am planning on keeping this branch up-to-date with any changes
made to master. After all, my own primary board is teensy2-based.

If you have any trouble getting the firmware working, feel free to email
me either directly or on the mailing list and I'd be happy to clear
things up.


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