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Typing this with my, just completed, atreus!

Typing this with my, just completed, atreus!

Sascha Reynolds
2015-10-16 @ 21:58
Hi everybody!

This is my 'hello world' message and I get the feeling this might take
some getting used to.

I have taken quite a few photos of the whole process and I'd like to
write up a buildlog as well, as I have hit some bumps along the ride!
I greatly enjoyed the process, from ordering to installing the keycaps
(minus the whole customs process for Europe).

I did run into an issue when uploading the firmware on Ubuntu 15.04
where I needed to run 'sudo make upload' instead of 'make upload' only.
I might look into it, so I can provide feedback via github.

Thank you Phil for an awesome projekt, let the typing lessons begin!