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Nadhia Khan
2014-11-18 @ 21:56


Wasim Pervaiz
2014-11-26 @ 23:40
As salaamu alaykum everyone.

That's it. We have had our final event of the semester and what a way to
end. From the feedback we have had the event was well received by you all!!

I want to take this opportunity to say a massive jazakhallah khair to
EVERYONE. From the people who volunteered, to our event host for today, and
you for attending, we are here for you all and if there is anywhere we can
improve in the future and for next semester please let us know.

We are hoping to have more excellent events in second semester for you all
so please keep an eye on your emails, social media and your friends. If you
see them going to one of our events, tag along!

Once more thank you and jazakhallah khair for attending and supporting us
throughout the semester we couldn't do it without you. If you want to get
more involved with Isoc it's very simple!! Just let us know!

We hope to see you soon. From me and on behalf of the whole executive
committee of your Isoc, thank you!

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah Wa baraakatu!


Nadhia Khan
2015-03-05 @ 22:21
Salaamu alaikum everyone,

could you all please make sure to check your emails as we have set up a 
yahoo group for the committee to ease communication between yourselves.

You all have been sent an invite, please let me know if you have not 
received an email (once checking your junk folders) so I can amend this in
sha Allah.

JazakumAllahu Khair,


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