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Tomorrow's Agenda

Tomorrow's Agenda

Nadhia khan
2015-02-03 @ 22:46
● Anis Kotia workshops

● Dawah Subcomm meeting feedback

● DIW: what we have planned!

● calligraphy stall on Thurs/Fri.. have Raz & Aicha involved?

● potential class/session discussing the seerah & lessons from the life of
Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam - Open to ALL

● ordering dawah material & gift boxes (only 3 per order) & total delivery
charge £9.91

● Tajweed classes:
        - sisters running 4th Feb -11th March
        - brothers running 18th-25th March
          & 15th-22nd April

● World hijab day/trial stall?

See you all tomorrow in sha Allah. 

Nadhia ^_^

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