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read from mac header and ip header

read from mac header and ip header

amer AlGhadhban
2014-12-17 @ 12:49

Dear All

I have this simple scenario:

Src --> ClickRouter#1 ---> ClickRouter#2 --> Destination

ClickRouter#1 "encapsulate any incoming packet with new Ethernet header
like: 00;11;22;33;44;55", then send it via eth0

ClickRouter#2 "get the ip-protocol value then store it in specific location
(offset) in ethernet header", then send it via eht0

What i did is the following:

RandomSource(64) -> ToDevice(eth0) -> fromDevice(et1) ->
EtherEncap(0x0800, 1:1:1:1:1:1, 2:2:2:2:2:2) -> ToDevice(eth2) ->
FromDevice(eth3) -> ??

May you please help me to do so

Thank you