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Click in Kernel Mode : Which kernel? Which system?

Click in Kernel Mode : Which kernel? Which system?

Tom Barbette
2014-07-15 @ 11:36
Hi all,

I tried to make the kernel-mode Click work, with multiple version of the
kernel (2.6.32, 3.2, 3.5, 3.13) and when it was compiling, I ended up in a
kernel panic for each version. The fail always happen in
ixgbe_xmit_frame_ring (see

I'm on Debian Jessie amd64. We've got two intel X520 DA adapters and the
crash happens soon after the packets begins to flow. I reduced the
configuration to that, (without multithreading compiled) :

elementclass Processer {

define ($b 16)
define ($o 128)

in1::FromDevice(eth2,  PROMISC 1, BURST $b )
in2::FromDevice(eth3,  PROMISC 1, BURST $b )
in3::FromDevice(eth4,  PROMISC 1, BURST $b )
in4::FromDevice(eth5,  PROMISC 1, BURST $b )

out1 :: ToDevice(eth2, BURST $o )
out2 :: ToDevice(eth3, BURST $o )
out3 :: ToDevice(eth4, BURST $o )
out4 :: ToDevice(eth5, BURST $o )

in1 -> Processer() -> out1
in2 -> Processer() -> out2
in3 -> Processer() -> out3
in4 -> Processer() -> out4

Can someone tell me on which configuration he managed to make it work (if
possible with kernel 3.x), or help me debug that crash?