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Matt Gushee
2014-03-08 @ 21:17
Hi, and welcome to the group. I would like this forum to be a friendly
but focused place to discuss anything related to the Coq au Vin
blogging engine. Any and all relevant questions or comments are
welcome. Please be aware that participants will likely have a wide
range of technical abilities, so please be patient and respectful.

For those who just want to use the software, and don't have much
background with open source software: thank you for trying Coq au Vin!
But please be aware that this product is in its infancy; it probably
has some serious bugs, and certainly does not yet have a very polished
interface. So, expect problems! And when you encounter problems,
please ask questions on this forum. However, please be aware that we
are all volunteers here, and noone is obligated to help you. But if
you are courteous and patient, and ask good questions (meaning,
mainly, that you provide a detailed description of what you are trying
to do and what is not working), you will most likely get good answers.

Last but not least, when you join this group, please briefly introduce
yourself and explain your interest in Coq au Vin (e.g., you just want
to use it, you'd like to help develop it, you're just curious, etc.).
Thank you, and happy foruming!