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Fwd: Re: opensourcing formerapp?

Fwd: Re: opensourcing formerapp?

Alexis Metaireau
2014-01-12 @ 15:39

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From: Stephen Radford <[1]>

To: Alexis Metaireau <[2]>

Subject: Re: opensourcing formerapp?

Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 15:38:14 +0000

Hi Alexis,

That sounds perfect, thanks!


On 12 January 2014 at 15:37:06, Alexis Metaireau
([3] wrote:

The only part we need is the form builder (with the interface); I'll
remove the repo for now as I can't make it private.

We'll work on making it separated probably this friday. We released it
only to be able to work on the project. We could do that on bitbucket
as well with a private repo.

Would this be okay?

Le Dim 12 Janvier 2014, à 15:51, Stephen Radford a écrit :

We're happy to license some components of the app under MIT, but the
app as a whole is closed source unfortunately. We're going to be
monetizing the app at some point and we'll also break down sections
like the form builder for release under our own GitHub account.

Until then I'm happy for you guys to take parts out but having the
whole site cloneable just isn't really feasible. If you make the repo
private that would be perfect.

Sorry, I'd have emailed Rémy directly but couldn't seem to find his



On 12 Jan 2014, at 14:45, Alexis Metaireau <[4]>

Yo, I though you wanted to release it with an opensource license? If
not, I guess we'll not be able to continue work with it :(

Plus I'm not the one working at novapost, I'm a mozillian, but I can
ask Rémy to remove it if you think that's the way to go.

What about releasing it, that would make everything simpler, nope?

Le Dim 12 Janvier 2014, à 14:40, Stephen Radford a écrit :

Hi Alexis,

I’ve just noticed that the codebase for Former is freely available.
Could you please make this private or remove the repo from Github.




3. mailto://