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Daybed roadmap

Daybed roadmap

Alexis Metaireau
2014-05-25 @ 15:05
Hi folks,

(I'm turning this mailing-list into an english-speaking one for now,
since I hope external contributors will hop-in in the next months.)

I have the pleasure to announce that Rémy, Nicolas and myself will work
on Daybed one day a week for the next two months. This is a really great
thing as it will let us focus on the last pain points of daybed, and
assess if it can accomplish what we have in mind for Mozilla.

I've created a pad with a roadmap [0], feel free to add anything you
think useful in there and I'll review it tomorrow (monday).
I expect to see more traffic here in the next few days.

Daybed rocks!

ps: Nico, Tarek, you can subscribe to this mailing-list to be posted of
the next evolutions of the project. Also, feel free to join the #daybed
channel on IRC where we try to keep the informal discussions.

— Alex