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Stats and Round 7 Fixed

Stats and Round 7 Fixed

Zed A. Shaw
2009-12-31 @ 20:03
Hey Folks,

Implementing some goodies today but first knocking down a few bugs and
shoring up some technical debt.

I fixed the stats rankings, for now I'm going with a simple ranking by
the classic avg(rating),avg(sd) setup and removed the bogus ordering off
of submission count.  The submission count is still there though.

I also had the deadline on Round 7 wrong, it should be 2010, not 2009.

Finally, my goal today is to get my test coverage back up, and then
implement the backstage for everyone.  I also think I need to do
something about HTML email, since it looks like lots of people have that
on by default.

Zed A. Shaw