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Beta version 0

Beta version 0

Ian Cordasco
2012-10-06 @ 02:58
To whomever may actually be subscribed to this,

I just wanted to announce that version 0.1b0 has been published to
PyPi [1]. This includes a large boost in stability and usability
thanks to Dennis Kaarsemaker (seveas) [2] and Hong Minhee (dahlia)

Dennis Kaarsemaker helped write probably half of the iter_* methods
which will eventually replace the list_* methods. He made significant
improvements to the underlying machinery of the iter_* methods and has
provided some valuable feedback through bug reports and documentation

Hong Minhee wrote the improvements to the Repository.archive and
Download.saveas methods to allow users to use file-like objects as
well as paths to store the information. She also kindly contributed
efficient tests for these features.

I for one am actually excited since I only have 58 more statements to
cover with tests. Any and all feedback via the list or issues is
appreciated. If I can finish these quickly, I may just release 0.1 as
the next release.