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Announcing ducttape

Announcing ducttape

Mir Nazim
2013-06-27 @ 08:40

ducttape -  a simple utility for generating static html pages from
Django templates without need to setup full django project.

I created it to scratch a personal itch - using django templates for
prototyping HTML apps.

Install with pip
    pip install git+


    $ mkdir ducttape-demo
    $ cd ducttape-demo
    $ ducttape init

    $ ls
    context  output  static  templates

Templates directory contains templates; context directory contains
context files in JSON; static contains js,css,img, etc; output is
where all the generated html is spitted out. properly mapped
STATIC_URL and MEDIA_URL are also available to templates

Add templates, context and then:

    $ ducttape watch

Check out the README.rst for details.