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Re: [hecatonchire] Issues building the heca kernel

Re: [hecatonchire] Issues building the heca kernel

Shribman, Aidan
2013-03-25 @ 15:10
Please use the dev branch build which explains how to setup libheca 
environment to point to linux-heca includes

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From: Petter Svärd []
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Subject: [hecatonchire] Issues building the heca kernel


Sorry for maybe asking a basic question but has anyone been able to make 
and install the heca kernel using the instructions on ? I'm having several problems.

The first is when making libheca.

possum@milli:~/heca/libheca$ sudo make
[sudo] password for possum:
rm -rf master client libheca dsm_init
cc -g -Wall -pthread libheca.c dsm_init.c -DDEBUG    master.c   -o master
In file included from libheca.h:8:0,
                 from libheca.c:5:
dsm_init.h:16:23: fatal error: linux/dsm.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

The scone is when installing the kernel on the host:

petters@milou:/mount/builder/home/possum/heca/linux-heca$ sudo make 
  CHK     include/linux/version.h
/bin/sh: 1: cannot create include/linux/version.h.tmp: Permission denied
make: *** [include/linux/version.h] Error 2

Seems like I have some problems with header files but what? I've been 
following the instructions step by step.



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