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Isso 0.8 released

Isso 0.8 released

Martin Zimmermann
2014-03-28 @ 14:03
I am happy to announce the release of Isso version 0.8!

This time, I introduced some changes to the JavaScript frontend that
were only tested in Firefox ESR, IE 10 and Google Chrome. If you hear
any complaints, let me know.

As always, you can upgrade from PyPi: `pip install --upgrade isso`.

A special note for packagers:

* the package on PyPi now includes two manpages, man1/isso.1 and
  man5/isso.conf.5, generated via Sphinx. You'll find an annotated
  configuration file in share/isso.conf.

* the testsuite is now included into the package as well. Just run
  `python nosetests`.


- replace `<textarea>` with `<div contenteditable="true">` to remove the
  sluggish auto-resize on input feature. If you use a custom CSS,
  replace `textarea` with `.textarea` and also set `white-space: pre`.

- comment count requests are now bundled into a single POST request, but the old
  API is still there (deprecated though).

- store *session-key* in database (once generated on database creation).
  That means links to activate, edit or delete comments are now always
  valid even when you restart Isso.

  Currently statically set session keys in `[general]` are automatically
  migrated into the database on startup and you will get a notice that
  you can remove this option.

- fix undefined timestamp when client time differs for more than 1 second.
  The human-readable "time ago" deltas have been refined to match Moment.js [1]

- avatar colors and background can now be customized:

  * ``data-isso-avatar-bg="#f0f0f0"`` sets the background color
  * ``data-isso-avatar-fg="#9abf88 #5698c4 #e279a3 #9163b6 ..."`` sets possible
    avatar colors (up to 8 colors are possible).

- new [markup] section to customize Misaka's Markdown generation
  (strikethrough and autolink are enabled by default). Furthermore, you
  can now allow certain HTML elemenets and attributes in the generated
  output, e.g. to enable images, set

      allowed-elements = img
      allowed-attributes = src

  Check docs/configuration/server.rst for more details.

- remove superscript extension from Markdown defaults as it may lead to
  unexpected behavior for certain smileys such as "^^". To enable the extension,

    options = superscript
    allowed-elements = sup

  to your configuration.

- replace requirejs-domready with a (self-made) HTML5 idiom, #51



Re: [isso] Isso 0.8 released

Martin Zimmermann
2014-03-29 @ 12:25
The last release introduced a regression for a minority of users
(Firefox + HTTP referer supressing). This bug has been fixed in 0.8.1.


Re: [isso] Isso 0.8 released

Martin Zimmermann
2014-03-29 @ 17:56
Isso 0.8.2 resolves a CSS issue, where a single line could exceed the
comment input field.

> If you use a custom CSS, replace `textarea` with `.textarea` and also
> set `white-space: pre`

`white-space: pre` is not needed, but a relict from previous testings
with contenteditable DIVs.


Re: [isso] Isso 0.8 released

Martin Zimmermann
2014-04-09 @ 08:54
Hi all,

0.8.3 is now on PyPi and preserves newlines when editing a comment. I
hope it works in all major browsers (it uses a not fully specified DOM
API which is of course implemented in different ways across browsers
Of course, there is no API to do it right. I hate web development so