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Isso 0.9 released

Isso 0.9 released

Martin Zimmermann
2014-05-29 @ 13:31
Two month later, I am happy to announce Isso 0.9 with some new features!
New CSS, comment pagination and WordPress to only name a few. I would
like to thank both contributors for their work!

As always, you can upgrade from PyPi: `pip install --upgrade isso`.


- comment pagination by Srijan Choudhary, #15

  Isso can now limit the amount of comments shown by default and add link to
  show more. By default, all top-level comments are shown but only 5 nested
  comments (per reply). You can override the settings:


  Where N is a number from 0 to infinity ("inf"). If you limit the amount of
  shown top level comments, the overall comment count may be incorrect and a
  known issue.

  You can also configure the amount of comments shown per click (5 by default):


  This feature also required a change in the comment structure. Previously, all
  comments are stored tree-like but shown linearly. To ease the implementation
  of pagination, the comment tree is now limited to a maximum depth of one.
  Jeff Atwood explains, why `discussions are flat by design`__.

  .. __:

  When you upgrade, Isso will automatically normalize the tree and some
  information gets lost. All new replies to a comment are now automatically a
  direct child of the top-level comment.

- style improvements by William Dorffer, #39, #84 #90 and #91

  Isso now longer uses a fat SCSS library, but plain CSS instead. The design is
  now responsive and no longer sets global CSS rules.

- experimental WordPress import, #75

  Isso should be able to import WXR 1.0-1.2 exports. The import code is based
  on two WXR dumps I found (and created) and may not work for you. Please
  report any failure.

- avatar changes, #49

  You can now configure the client to not show avatars:


  Also there is no longer an avatar shown next to the comment box. This is due
  to the new CSS and removes two runtime dependencies.

- you may now set a full From header, #87

    from = Foo Bar <spam@local>

- SMTP (all caps) is now recognized for notifications, #95

- Isso now ships a small demo site at /demo, #44

- a few bugfixes: Disqus import now anonymizes IP addresses, uWSGI spooling for
  Python 3, HTTP-Referer fallback for HTTP-Origin

- remove Django's PBKDF2 implementation in favour of the PBKDF2 function
  available in werkzeug 0.9 or higher. If you're still using werkzeug 0.8, Isso
  imports passlib__ as fallback (if available).

This release also features a new templating engine Jade__ which replaces
Markup.js__. Jade can compile directly to JavaScript with a tiny runtime module
on the client. Along with the removal of sha1.js and pbkdf2.js and a few build
optimizations, the JS client now weighs only 40kb (12kb gzipped) – 52kb resp.
17kb before.

.. __:
.. __:
.. __:

Re: [isso] Isso 0.9 released

Martin Zimmermann
2014-06-25 @ 12:46
I've uploaded 0.9.2 which adds a translation for Esperanto (eo).

Re: [isso] Isso 0.9 released

Martin Zimmermann
2014-07-09 @ 07:54

a new minor release – 0.9.3 – is now available. I highly recommend to
upgrade, it provides some serious QoL improvements for commenter.

As always, you can upgrade from PyPi: `pip install --upgrade isso`.


- remove scrollIntoView while expanding further comments if a fragment is used
  (e.g. #isso-thread brought you back to the top, unexpectedly)

- implement a custom Markdown renderer to support multi-line code listings. The
  extension "fenced_code" is now enabled by default and generates HTML
  compatible with Highlight.js__.

- escape HTML entities when editing a comment with raw HTML

- fix CSS for input

- remove isso.css from binary distribution to avoid confusion (it's still there
  from the very first release, but modifications do not work)

.. __:

Re: [isso] Isso 0.9 released

Martin Zimmermann
2014-08-10 @ 10:39
Hi again,

I've just released Isso 0.9.5 with several bugfixes. To upgrade from
PyPi, run `pip install --upgrade isso`.


- prevent no-break space ( ) insertion to enable manual line breaks using
  two trailing spaces (as per Markdown convention), #112

- limit request size to 256 kb, #107

  Previously unlimited or limited by proxy server). 256 kb is a rough
  approximation of the next database schema with comments limited to 65535
  characters and additional fields.

- add support for logging to file, #103

    log-file =

- show timestamp when hovering <time>, #104

- fix a regression when editing comments with multiple paragraphs introduced
  in 0.9.3 which would HTML escape manually inserted linebreaks.

Re: [isso] Isso 0.9 released

Martin Zimmermann
2014-08-18 @ 11:16

another bugfix release has been released. To upgrade form PyPi, run
`pip install --upgrade isso`.


- remember name, email and website in localStorage, #119

- add option to hide voting feature, #115


- remove email field from JSON responses

  This is a quite serious issue. For the identicon, an expensive hash is used
  to avoid the leakage of personal information like a real email address. A
  `git blame` reveals, the email has been unintenionally exposed since the very
  first release of Isso :-/

  The testsuite now contains a dedicated test to prevent this error in the