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Compiler profiled

Compiler profiled

Paolo Redaelli
2011-10-27 @ 08:56
I tried to profile the compiler itself;

cd src/smarteiffel
compile commands/compile_to_c --boost --profile -o profiling-compile
mv profiling-compile ../../target/bin/
profiling-compile commands/compile_to_c --boost --profile -o 
profiling-compile --jobs 4

I'm not sure I understand the I got; you may get it at (too big for librelist)
My wild guess is that tiny gains in POINTER.append_in and STRING.extend 
would have big impact, or that we shall found how they are used in the 
compile itself and provide use-specific variant.

I tried to find any clue on which classes to parallelize looking for 
high time spent in relatively few invocation a single feature but I 
coulnd't identify a clear pattern.