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deep_twin in pure Eiffel

deep_twin in pure Eiffel

Paolo Redaelli
2011-11-04 @ 10:35
A little report on my efforts toward a pure-Eiffel, re/entrant 
implementation of deep_twin.
You may track my efforts on this branch
Currently it does not work at all, since even programs as simple as:

class DTT -- Deep twin test
creation make
feature make is
         local x,y: LINKED_LIST[STRING]
             create x.make
             x.add_first("foo") x.add_last("bar")
             y := x.deep_twin

turn the compiler crazy: it allocates all the available memory and 
crashes with a peak memory usage of 3Gb on my 1Gb machine (see this on how 
to improve a "memory starved" machine even I would say that 1mb is 
memory starving)...

So I think I'll change sys/runtime/c/deep_twin.*
Happy hacking