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[baughj/Merlin] efdee2: Fix typo

[baughj/Merlin] efdee2: Fix typo

2011-04-15 @ 19:26
Branch: refs/heads/development

Commit: efdee2aa2bfb8bd44a992901051bc7532f1bbccb
Author: Justin Baugh <>
Date:   2011-04-08 (Fri, 08 Apr 2011)

Changed paths:
  M app/processors/instance_requested_puppet_certificate.rb

Log Message:
Fix typo

Commit: c2b9f009dd5b39b14d8bda5943143ed6efe70bd2
Author: Justin Baugh <>
Date:   2011-04-15 (Fri, 15 Apr 2011)

Changed paths:
  M config/userdata.erb
  A db/migrate/20110407201320_create_notification_templates.rb
  R db/migrate/20110407201320_notification_template.rb

Log Message:
* Userdata: many fixes.
  * Trap unknown errors and bail out with appropriate API call.
  * Add completed function.
  * Puppet check: Fix buggy logic, ensure the check now works.
  * Create control directory, if it doesn't exist.
  * Save our access token for later usage.
  * Make sure to sleep to allow the bus to settle after volumes are attached.
  * Fix typo in augeas line (missing >)
  * Puppet: don't daemonize, otherwise Puppet forks and the value of $! is
  * Move timeout into configurable part of script.
  * General: Ensure script works correctly with current code via a number 
of ongoing tests.

Commit: f13a5228fa1367a78037483fdb45a6e0fcc9b564
Author: Justin Baugh <>
Date:   2011-04-15 (Fri, 15 Apr 2011)

Changed paths:
  M app/controllers/instances_controller.rb
  A app/models/email_notifier.rb
  A app/models/notification_log.rb
  A app/models/notification_template.rb
  M app/processors/instance_requested_reservation_processor.rb
  A app/processors/instance_send_notification.rb
  M config/app_config.yml
  M config/messaging.rb
  A db/fixtures/notification_templates.yml
  M db/migrate/20110407201320_create_notification_templates.rb
  A db/migrate/20110408150041_create_notification_logs.rb
  M db/schema.rb
  A test/fixtures/notification_logs.yml
  A test/fixtures/notification_templates.yml
  A test/unit/email_notifier_test.rb
  A test/unit/notification_log_test.rb

Log Message:
* Merlin: Implement notification support.
  * app/controllers/instances_controller.rb: implement completed,
    notify, fix bug in create so that the correct index is rendered.
  * app/models/email_notifier.rb: Add ActionMailer class for sending
  * app/models/notification_log.rb: Add class to store logs of
    notifications (unused at the moment).
  * app/models/notification_template.rb: Add class, which provides
    a really simple way of making templated notifications.
  * app/processors/instance_requested_reservation_processor: Add some
    debug logging.
  * app/processors/instance_send_notification.rb: Add processor for
    sending email notifications.
  * app_config.yml: Add "merlin_email_address", used as default From:
    for messages. Bump version to 0.1.0.
  * config/messaging.rb: Add send notification processor.
  * db/fixtures/notification_templates.yml: Add default templates for
    various notifications (Note, lang is not used at the moment).
  * db/migrate/...create_notification_templates.rb: Correct typos, add
  * db/migrate/...create_notification_logs.rb: Create notification logs
  * db/schema.rb: Updated to latest schema.