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Using styles from inside gems in Nesta

Using styles from inside gems in Nesta

Tommy Sundström
2013-05-11 @ 12:25
I'm working on adapting Susy to Nesta.

One problem I ran into was how to reference the styles contained in the 
Compass and Susy gems. 

The solution I came up with was adding this in the theme's app.rb

module Nesta
  class App
    # ...	

    configure do
      require 'susy'      # This will also require compass
      # Configuring sass
      sass_options =
      #     Adding load_paths into gems so that sass can @import sass 
stylesheets from there
      #           Paths for compass 0.12.2
      compass_gem_stylesheets =['compass'].full_gem_path) + 
      #           Path for susy 1.0.8
      susy_gem_stylesheets =['susy'].full_gem_path) + 'sass'
      sass_options[:load_paths] = [compass_gem_stylesheets, susy_gem_stylesheets]

      # … other sass configurations

      set :sass, sass_options
      set :scss, sass_options

    # … other stuff


This way, stylesheets can be called using   /css/master.css   (if there is
a master.sass or master.scss file in the mytheme/views directory)

Note that the paths to the stylesheets are partly hard coded, so if the 
internal structure of the gems changes in future versions it will break. 

I suspect there are better ways to do this. But this works.