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Introduction to NGPy

Introduction to NGPy

2011-10-27 @ 14:35

This is the official mailing list for NGPy. Welcome!

NGPy is a web application that enable online performing and analyzing
Monte-Carlo simulation on nucleation and growth phenomena. It can be also
used as a web framework to develop your own web applications. NGPy is under
BSD license.

You can go to the PyPI for source code
and go to to fork the project.

Good luck!

Yi-Xin Liu (Eshin)

*Yi-Xin Liu, PHD*
*Department of Macromolecular Science*
*Fudan University*
*Room 415, Yuejing Building *
*Handan Rd. 220, **Shanghai, China*
*Tel +86-021-65642863*
*Mobile +86-13916819745*