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Fwd: [redecentralize] Event - Talk The RCA London

Fwd: [redecentralize] Event - Talk The RCA London

Matthew Powell
2014-02-11 @ 22:36
Dear All.

I have been in touch with Francis about this and i wanted to extend the
invite to the redecentralize group

The event will be held at the Royal College of Arts In London this Thursday
at 7.00. The event it entitled *'Occupy the Cloud'*

The evening will consist  of a series of short 10-15 minute
presentations followed
by an informal discussion with some drinks. I will also use this opportunity
to  also present my work and research. We will also be joined by
*James*from the *Greenwich
Openwirless* *Mesh - Network* and *Maria Farrel *from the *Open Rights
Group. *

Please spread the word and let me know if you would like to attend.

Please see the link for a poster (because of the file size limit on this
email )

Many thanks and i look forward to hearing from you ( *if people would also
be interested in speaking then please get in touch*. )

Have a nice evening



*Matthew Powell *

*MA Architecture *

*M /* 07929386306
*E /*