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ken Code - #ePlug (Meshnet, Distributed Computing, Decentralized IoT)

ken Code - #ePlug (Meshnet, Distributed Computing, Decentralized IoT)

ken Code
2015-01-19 @ 19:54
Funny, IBM came out with their version of blockchain usage on the IoT, TWO
DAYS after we announced the ePlug. Know IBM's history..? Yeah, me too.

We'll be launching the crowdfunding for the ePlug explainer video in the
next 2 weeks, would love to share the details with ReDecentralize...

First ugly prototype, check.
Whitepaper, check.
Crowdfunded opinions (, check.
3d models and *.step files, check.
Demo video........

For now:

Would you guys be up for an ePlug interview???
Thanx so much for the awesome site! :)
Spreadin the word!!


ken Code
Crypto + IoT + Distrib Computing + Meshnet: #ePlug
#kenCode +kenCode @kenCode_de
M√ľnchen, Deutschland