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Session Suggestion: Data Autonomy

Session Suggestion: Data Autonomy

Christoph Witzany
2015-10-17 @ 12:59
I'd like to propose a session for Sunday:

DataAutonomy in the age of Silos

Data Autonomy, the sovereignty of individuals over data about them gains
importance with the amount of data that is created.

Data Autonomy has two aspects, access and confidentially.

Access is the possibility to know what data exists about us and to read it.
This ability must be guarded against two problems. Very often nowadays we
are not told what data is collected about us. The Europe vs. Facebook case
illustrated this problem very well, but arguably more data is collected by
government actors. On the other hand we cannot access the data about us.
Besides the obvious fact that we do not have access to data we don't know
are being collected, cloud providers also can cut off access to our
accounts for seemingly arbitrary reasons, leading to a loss of access to
data we collected for our own use.

Confidentiality entails the possibility to decide what data about us we
want to share with whom. This concerns data that we collect, like photo
albums or emails, but also data that is collected about us, like energy use
or credit card transactions.

Both access and confidentiality can be enabled by technical and
organisational means. Generally it needs a combination of both approaches.