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Feminist hackers + conference

Feminist hackers + conference

2015-09-08 @ 08:56
Dear women on this mailing list,

Are you here? Say hello! :-)

Everyone else: invite a woman or two to join!

Also, you might be interested in writing something for: it's a
feminist hacker online magazine and their next issue is on privacy,
security etc. I will try and write something on redecentralize, in the,
err.. copious *cough* spare time that I have.

In other news, planning calls are
every Tuesday at 8pm now. Ping me if you want to join in. We've basically
settled on a venue, which is a great place for meeting people and
conversations, but on the small size. Next steps are to get come
coordination / working group on programme (speakers, setting up unconf
logistics), venue and website (I stole the idea of working groups from
squatconf just this morning!)

Happy Tuesday,