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possible problem with ruby 1.8.6-p399?

possible problem with ruby 1.8.6-p399?

Reynard Hilman
2010-05-07 @ 17:53
I just upgraded my laptop to ubuntu 10.04, and suddenly my resque is not
working. After spending hours trying to figure out why, it seems that the
problem is with ruby 1.8.6-p399. It works when I switch back to 1.8.6-p383
(using rvm).

It looks like it's the problem in the worker. I can queue job, I see it on
the web console, when the worker grabs the job I see on the terminal
got: (Job{fast} | ResqueFastJob | ["test", 1, 2, 3])

but then it does nothing (printing debugging info on the perform method does
nothing) so looks like it doesn't even run the perform method. I'm using
resque 1.8.2 but It doesn't work either on some previous versions of resque.
I haven't gone further into debugging what's causing this, but I thought I
post it here for the record.

- reynard