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rescque-web, rails dependency

rescque-web, rails dependency

Rich Healey
2013-07-19 @ 17:40

I picked up resque for the first time in at least a year the other day,
intending to build a dashboardy thing, basically a super thing web
interface over a bunch of workers that fetch data from a ton of APIs, do
some transformations then kick off some tasks that push said data into a
graphing package.

We wound up fighting with resque for a while, purely because I had really
pleasant memories of resque more or less Just Work'ing with a shiny web
interface that makes monitoring and debugging pretty trivial.

When we went to actually start implementing though, the server is gone from
resque/resque (I can't find the commit offhand, it was just after work on
2.0 started) and ostensibly replaced with resque/resque-web, which a)
depends on rails, which is a dealbreaker for most people looking for a
really light queue system, and b) actually depends on resque 1-x (which has
it's own much lighter server) [1]

Is this just oversight? I can pull the server out of the 1-x codebase and
probably port it to work acceptably well with resque 2, but I already know
I don't have the time to maintain such a thing.