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Roadmap for v2.0.0

Roadmap for v2.0.0

Aggelos Avgerinos
2014-04-30 @ 22:45
Hello resque team,

First of all, congrats for the awesome job you’ve done on Resque :)

I’ve always wanted to get involved with the project and the last days I 
started doing some minor changes.

I want to ask you if there is a Roadmap for the v2.0.0 somewhere?

Maybe a list with todos so I can help by trying to implement some of the 
features/changes you want to include in the new version.

Thanks in advance,


Re: [resque] Roadmap for v2.0.0

Steve Klabnik
2014-04-30 @ 23:13
Search the archives, there have been several threads on this.