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project status, 2.x status, and contributing?

project status, 2.x status, and contributing?

Ben Somers
2015-04-22 @ 21:47
Read through the mailing list archives a little bit to see answers here,
but a) didn't find a ton (besides Dave Copeland's email from last year), b)
needed to email the list to subscribe to it anyway.

What's the prognosis like on 2.x, and active development more generally? I
recently switched my team over to resque (from DJ), and have touched on it
a little bit in the past with other teams. But I'm finding a lot of
pessimism about continued resque development, this list seems pretty quiet,
and the github contribution graph is frankly a little scary.

It is welcome, and worthwhile, to try to help out on the project? Who's
still on active duty (looks like Tony Miller/mcfiredrill, at least a little
bit - anybody else)? And is 2.x still under active development, or is the
project slipping into 1.x maintenance mode?