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Welcome to Scala Notebook list

Welcome to Scala Notebook list

Hanxue Lee
2013-11-20 @ 11:00
Welcome to Scala-Notebook list.

Getting Started
If you are new to Scala Notebook, your first stop should be the Github
project page <>

Scala Notebook's source code is hosted on Github. You can simply clone a
copy and start running it.

1. cd <path-to-install-Scala-Notebook>
2. git clone
3. cd Scala-Notebook
4. sbt
5. sbt > *project server*
6. sbt > *run*

Scala Notebook will be loaded using your default web browser at

Getting Involved
Send an email to to join the mailing list.

You are more than welcome to fork a
copy<> and
send in pull request. Take a look at existing
feel free to solve them.

Report A Bug
Issues are tracked within Github. Open a new issue