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[Mini DebConf India] [scg.nmamit] Minidebconf site Redesign

[Mini DebConf India] [scg.nmamit] Minidebconf site Redesign

Vasudev Kamath
2011-06-28 @ 17:18
To all designers who have not yet subscribed to the mailing


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Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 21:41:41 +0530
From: Praveen A <>
Cc: Labeeb <>
Subject: Re: [Mini DebConf India] [scg.nmamit] Minidebconf site Redesign

2011/6/28 Praveen A <>:
> I will try to create a wiki
> page with steps to get code and submit changes.

Here we go,

Someone please test these steps and make sure it is working (I tested
it with Labeeb).

Those who want to be part of web team, please add your names at

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Vasudev Kamath (Ostatus)