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Fwd: [diaspune] diaspora android app discussion

Fwd: [diaspune] diaspora android app discussion

Vasudev Kamath
2011-08-19 @ 09:41
Hello all,
People with Java and Android development knowledge and willing to
contribute to FOSS can join the below mentioned group. We are planning
to create an Android app for diaspora and you are welcome to
contribute :) It will be good experience for you also

You can join diaspora at following URL's


Warm Regards,

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From: Praveen A <>
Date: Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 2:53 PM
Subject: Re: [diaspune] diaspora android app discussion

2011/7/22 Praveen <>:
> Folks,
> If you want to join in, come to #diaspune on freenode 
( this Sunday evening 9.30
pm IST. We will be discussing initial ideas of creating an android app and
what all are required for that. This will be one of the projects we will 
be working on.

Now there is a mailing list for android app development. Interested
people can join at

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Vasudev Kamath