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Minidebconf planning of NMAMIT

Minidebconf planning of NMAMIT

Vasudev Kamath
2011-08-07 @ 13:20
Hello all,

I know Pune minidebconf is on the way.. But its time we also start our
work on Nitte Minidebconf. First and foremost thing is finalizing the
date, its been a while I think college is already started but I've not
heard anything on this. Ashok sir can you please confirm the dates?
Christian Perrier from France is asking on dates so I need to confirm
the dates to him so he can plan on his arrival.

@Abhishek and party which is visiting Pune minidebconf I'll leave
planning for the event to you guys. Please update the plans in the
list if needed I'll arrange the IRC meeting let me know..

I know you guys are in final year and its busy schedule but I request
you to spare some half an hour for planning and preparing for the
event, I know you will spend more than half an hours in social
networking even if you are in final year so try to share some hour
from there to here ;)

Hoping to get a prompt reply for this mail

Warm Regards
Vasudev Kamath (Ostatus)