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My Futon, Let Me Show You It

My Futon, Let Me Show You It

Erik Moskowitz
2015-01-06 @ 03:42
I wouldn't normally use this list for solicitation purposes, but I have a
fantastic offer that I felt should be brought to this crowd before going on
Craigslist. It's the least I can do in return for y'all taking me in -
abuse the listserve.

Whit and I are getting rid of a full-sized futon mattress (no frame) in
great condition. Comes with a fabric cover that has kept the mattress in
good shape, but that could be switched out easily.

Here's the best part - it's free to whomever will assist me in getting it
downstairs and out to a car. I would even be willing to get it into my own
car for delivery if it won't fit in yours.

Could also work as a stupidly heavy (and poorly supportive) bouldering pad.
But you'll have to sign a release.

Let me know if you're interested,