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Founder Institute Sydney - Update [OT]

Founder Institute Sydney - Update [OT]

Benjamin Ranck
2011-11-26 @ 07:44
Hi Everyone,
Just a quick update to the talk I gave about the Founder Institute chapter
in sydney at the last SydJS (Thanks again to Craig for letting me drop in).
The deadline for the exploratory period is ending, we need another 12
expressions of interest to get it official.
If you're keen on starting something in the tech-space this is a great
program to do so and you don't have to quit your day job to get started.
I know some already have applied, but if you haven't please do at -
If you've started an application this is a good weekend to get it finished.

There's some good discussion about FI on quora if you want the low-down and
the in's and out's.
I'm pushing hard to get this over the line, so you might have seen some
posts on other lists, twitter also.
Nearly there!