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[role] Do something amazing. Join (freshly-funded startup) Tapestry as its lead Front-end Developer.

[role] Do something amazing. Join (freshly-funded startup) Tapestry as its lead Front-end Developer.

Andrew Dowling
2011-12-14 @ 06:00
Hi all,

Looking forward to my first SydJS next week. I’m hoping to chat to a few of
you about a really significant role we’ve got open at Tapestry, so I
thought I’d fire off a bit of background for anyone who might be
interested. If you’d like to hear more, hunt me down next Wednesday or
shoot me an email. Please pass on to anyone you think could be interested. is a Sydney-based startup about to close our first major
funding round, on the back of the MVP we completed in October. Everything
has gone even better than we expected, which means we’re now in a position
to build our foundational team. These are the lucky guys & gals who build
out the Tapestry core and get to share in the success of the business.

The Tapestry stack includes:

   - Web + Tablet + Mobile
   - HTML5 + CSS + Javascript/jQuery
   - Ruby on Rails
   - Android
   - iOS

One of the most important roles we are trying to fill is our lead Front-end
Developer. If you’re a talented front-end dev with several years
HTML/CSS/Javascriptexperience then you could well have the skills we’re
looking for — the next question would be whether you and Tapestry are a
good match for each other. The best way to find this out is to chat to me
over a beer next week!

If where you’re working today doesn’t really push your buttons, then make
sure you come and find me. Even if you’re thinking of starting something of
your own, this could be the role for you — it’s got a many of the benefits
of being a co-founder (create a great team, set product direction, make
something meaningful, get a slice of the upside) without the downsides (you
get paid!). For anyone looking for a new role, it doesn’t get much more
exciting than this.

Interested in hearing more? Let’s grab a beer next week.

Andrew Dowling
Mobile: +61 422 617 022

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