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Mailing List notifications

Mailing List notifications

Mark Finger
2011-03-16 @ 22:30
Hey peoples,

Next time there is a SydJS event, do you mind posting something to the
mailing list?

I personally rely on email notifications as reminders of these things, and
getting the email about post-presentation slides was a bit of an unpleasant

I appreciate that most of the notifications are publicised via
twitter/sydjs, but given that there were complaints about the lack of
activity on the mailing list only a month or two back, it seems a bit of a
strange omission.

Anyway, maybe I should just pay more attention to twitter. Hope the night
was fun, the backbone lecture slides were pretty interesting.


Re: [sydjs] Mailing List notifications

Lachlan Hardy
2011-03-20 @ 21:38
Fair point, Mark!

The date is also (almost) always the third Wednesday of the month if
that helps too :)