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Somewhat cloudy news... AusCloud April, OrionVM Beta, Ninefold Cloud Storage!

Somewhat cloudy news... AusCloud April, OrionVM Beta, Ninefold Cloud Storage!

Joseph Glanville
2011-03-25 @ 16:23
Hey guys!

Just a few updates on the cloud front!

Firstly AusCloud had a very successful first run this month, great
turnout and brillant presentations by both Guy Harrison of Quest
(@guyharrison) and Anna Liu from NICTA (@annaliu).
The next event is coming up on the 8th of April, registrations are now
open at and more
information is available from
If anyone is interested in participating as a speaker or panelist
could you please contact or tweet

Next up is the OrionVM Public Beta!
For those of you that aren't familiar with OrionVM we are a startup
cloud computing provider specializing in Infrastructure as a Service.
We develop a high performance cloud computing platform for the
Australian market, making use of a completely custom architecture to
deliver never before seen performance in a large scale virtual

OrionVM have launched our High Performance Cloud Computing Platform
into a public beta! We are giving away $100 of free credit to each of
our Beta Testers for use on our platform during the Beta period.
You can sign up for the Beta here:
A huge thanks from the OrionVM team to everyone that has made our
first few weeks of public operation so awesome! The support has made
the hard work that goes into building this system all the more worth
it. :)

Last but not least Australian cloud computing provider Ninefold
recently launched their Cloud Storage product!
Good work from our own @lachlanhardy and all of the Ninefold boys!

All in all it's very exciting times for the Australian cloud industry,
expect more announcements shortly from OrionVM as we launch into full
scale production.

Hope this isn't too off-topic for the list, see you all next month!

Kind regards,
Founder | Director
Orion Virtualisation Solutions | | Phone: 1300 56
99 52 | Mobile: 0428 754 846