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So you've kept next Wednesday free I hope

So you've kept next Wednesday free I hope

Craig Sharkie
2012-01-12 @ 20:18
2012 is shaping about to be another HUGE year for JavaScript developers and
we're going to help get the ball rolling with the first of a HUGE year of
meet ups.

2011 had some great innovations and presentations and we want to make 2012
even better, so come along and find out how you can be a part of the action!


Be amongst Sydney's best JavaScript developers and welcome in a new year of

Come along and find out more!



On the night you can look forward to:

Gilmore Davidson: Ease Yourself Into Animation

Jared Wyles: Missing the Forest for the trees

Nick Hodge & Brendan Forster: Windows 8 - JavaScript ALL the things

And, of course ... more!


Join us at 6:00PM on January 18 to be part of the action!

Atlassian are hosting at their head office at 185 Sussex Street. Now that's
legendary support!

Remember it's a free event, but if you're keen to sponsor we're keen to

Follow us @SydJS for more details or visit our site for more details


Andy Clarke and John Allsopp Sydney Workshops - Discount

Each only $399 for SydJS peeps - use the code SYDJS and register before
January 31.

Feb 24 - Downunder and Fashionably Flexible - Andy Clarke

"Putting the design back into responsive design"

Responsive design has made designing flexible websites fashionable again,
but there’s more to it than the technology. In this full day workshop Andy
Clarke teaches how to design from the ‘content out’, instead of from the
‘canvas in’.

Feb 23 - HTML5 Beyond the Markup - John Allsopp

HTML5 is more than a bunch of new semantic markup. John Allsopp takes you
beyond the header and footer, to focus on some of the powerful features of
the next generation of HTML: UI features, offline capabilities, rich media,
the canvas, geolocation and many more hidden gems.