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Wanted: Frontend devs (contract)

Wanted: Frontend devs (contract)

Scott Maclure
2012-01-18 @ 12:47
Hi All,

Just wanted to say that I had a great time at my first SydJS (yellow
shirt guy) - looking forward to the next one!

I'm a developer @ Optus (Hi David!) and I wanted to add that we're
looking for some strong frontend devs to help us with a big project
that's underway.

The current core developer team is around 6 devs (then add designers,
ux, testing, product, infrastructure, etc). But we're looking for
front-end people who are happy to use jQuery / jQuery UI (and possibly
jQuery mobile), and Sass (Hi Ruby). Experience with Java/Play
Framework is a bonus.

The project is being run using agile methods (kanban) and has very
little to do with Optus products, but it's rather a unique project
that is one example of  Optus' expansion beyond being just a Telco.

Based in North Ryde, we need devs who can start asap as contractors to
help us take this project to completion later this year.

If anyone's interested, please get in touch and send me your CV/www/etc.


Scott Maclure
[M] +61(0)424 275 065