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[JOB] @ ABC Sydney - JS/CSS3/HTML5 - 3 months contract

[JOB] @ ABC Sydney - JS/CSS3/HTML5 - 3 months contract

Tom Dielmann
2012-01-20 @ 06:00

I'm Tom Dielmann and I work at the ABC in Sydney, Ultimo.

We are in the need for an experienced Javascript CSS3/HTML5 developer.
This would be a 3 months contract to get a prototype of a game type
application done. Depending on the outcome of that, a larger project
might get green-lit soon after.

We are looking for someone who

- knows his stuff with HTML5 and CSS3
- can really program Javascript (not just call a jQuery function ;-) )
- has delivered apps using Javascript frameworks (backbone.js,
knockout.js or others)
- knows what MVC and/or MVVM application design patterns are
- has an understanding of OO programming and design
- has ideally some knowledge of servers side technologies and RESTful
API's (Rails, Sinatra, Node.js)
- had ideally done some game or interactive application development
with the above technologies

Please contact me off-list with some info about yourself and your work
and possibly your expected rates if you're interested or if you have questions.

Or contact me (work: 8333 3810) if you have any questions.