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[JOB/Startup] Frontend dev for Sydney-based cleantech startup

[JOB/Startup] Frontend dev for Sydney-based cleantech startup

Tim McEwan
2012-12-04 @ 04:00
Sent on behalf of a mate; please reply via the details at the bottom.

Frontend developer required to help build a web app with a lightweight
cleantech startup in Sydney. Further details will be provided to the
candidate however broadly speaking:

- the webapp (which is currently approaching alpha release) performs a set
of analyses on a range of form inputs and an extensive database, renders a
series of custom charts and maps, and will feature social media connections
and a custom online store, among other things. We like to think we’re using
a pretty top-notch stack based on postgresql / django / jquery / less /
css3 / html5.

- the frontend developer will have a strong foundation using the html 5
canvas, css3 and less

- they will also be conversant in javascript / jquery preferably with
experience with complex form elements, complex google maps api
customisations and charting

- for bonus points you will also have skills with developing mobile-ready
webapps ideally using twitter bootstrap, rendering charts using the d3 data
visualisation toolkit and/or ios / android development.

You will be working with a team of three others:

- the designer (Ed) who will provide the designs, icons etc. Ed’s largely
completed the beta release designs and is currently working over the icons
and detailing but he’s open to working with you on any new ideas you’d like
to propose.

- the backend developer (Tim) who you are likely to be working with closely
on rendering the forms and data visualisation elements and tuning the API.
Though Tim prefers to work under the hood these days he is secretly a bit
of a ninja himself so you should have someone to bounce ideas off

- the inventor (that's me!)- I'm coordinating the project and responsible
for the core analytical engine.

 You will originally be employed as a casual freelancer working in the
Sydney area preferably starting immediately with a plan to work toward a
beta launch early next year, with options for an ongoing partnership if all
goes well. Willing to work with wiz kids and wizened sages- we’ll assess
each candidate on their merit. We're also willing to consider candidates
with existing commitments (at least initially) if we think they have the
ability to make it happen in the timeframe.

Looking forward to meeting you! (whoever you are)

0403 003 477