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[JOB] Senior (Frontend) Web Developer - ABC

[JOB] Senior (Frontend) Web Developer - ABC

Tom Dielmann
2012-04-03 @ 00:11
- Permanent position
- ABC, Ultimo (Sydney)
- excellent pay + generous super
- closing date: Sunday 8 April 2012

We are looking for a Senior Web Developer to join our growing
development team who knows his way around current frontend
technologies and had exposure to mobile development.
Basically we are looking for someone who

- knows his stuff with HTML5 and CSS3
- can really program Javascript
- has delivered apps using Javascript frameworks (backbone.js,
knockout.js or others)
- knows what MVC and/or MVVM application design patterns are
- has an understanding of OO programming and design
- has ideally some knowledge of servers side technologies and RESTful
API's (Rails, Sinatra, Node.js)
- has experience delivering mobile applications (native wrapper style
HTML5 apps and mobile optimised web apps)

You will initially be working alongside other talented devs on an
exciting interactive rich client game application on top of
backbone.js and Rails 3. You will be involved in extending the game
frontend to mobile platforms if it takes off. We also have some other
mobile and digital content projects in the pipeline to keep us busy
going forward into 2012/13. It's a brilliant time to come onboard and
be an integral part of a new era in development at the ABC.

For more details and to apply see:

Please apply by Sunday 8 April 2012!

Or contact me off list or via phone (work: 8333 3810) if you have any questions.