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You will Marvel at our next SydJS on the 16th

You will Marvel at our next SydJS on the 16th

Craig Sharkie
2012-05-08 @ 21:43
Knighthawk ASSEMBLE!

By day, one is a mild mannered employee of a major browser manufacturer and
the other is a mild mannered employee of a major mobile phone manufacturer.

But together, on that one night of the year, their powers combine and they
become the KNIGHTHAWK!

As the cosmic forces that would be unleashed if we crossed the streams and
had them both talking about gaming would turn us to goop, we'll look at how
one uses gaming for the greater good, and how the other plans to
revolutionise the way you think about open operating system.

Not THAT sounds heroic!


On the night you can look forward to:

Vaughan Knight: From Way Out Wars and Dodo GoGo, and everything I've learnt

Rob Hawkes: Boot to Gecko (B2G): Pursuing the goal of building a complete,
standalone operating system for the open web

And, of course ... more!


Join us at 6:00PM on May 16 to be part of the action!

Atlassian are hosting at their head office at 185 Sussex Street. Now that's
legendary support!

Remember it's a free event, but if you're keen to sponsor we're keen to

Follow us @SydJS for more details or visit our site for more details


YOW! Night Sydney

Using Pure FP in Commercial Practice

May 21, Sydney

Tony Morris shares his experience using functional programming in
commercial development


Web Directions Code

May 23 + 24, Melbourne

Just $799 for SydJS members with the code SYDJS

Day one: HTML5 as a developer tool

Day two: In-depth, JavaScript focus

If it's well supported in browsers and devices, and empowers you to do
awesome stuff, then they'll be covering it.