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[Job] Posse is looking for another engineer

[Job] Posse is looking for another engineer

Alex North
2012-06-19 @ 08:42
Sorry I haven't been down to SydJS in a while, we've been a bit busy
rewriting our product! We'll come down and tell you about it in the next
couple of months though.

Meanwhile, Posse's <> on the hunt for another engineer. We
hire generalists, people keen to get dirty in all parts of our codebase,
but we're definitely after a bit of the front-end genius that SydJS
harbours (or a strong desire to learn it).

I haven't got round to publishing a new job description yet, I'm so keen to
tap SydJS talent, but for everything except the details of what we're
building, details here <>.

Posse has pretty fantastic engineering processes (and we want you to help
us continue to improve them). We release ~daily to learn from real users
and react quickly. We work end-to-end, so each engineer understands their
work in depth. We instrument like crazy. We encourage everyone to learn and
share knowledge with others to improve our craft. We want a culture and a
codebase that are a joy to work in (and we re-wrote it recently, so it's

We hire only the best and brightest. Posse offers competitive compensation,
including a meaningful share option position, based on demonstrated
awesomeness. Other benefits include an espresso machine, fruit,
twice-weekly team lunches, Friday drinks, dinner when you work late, plus
other random acts of appreciation.

If you're awesome and this sounds interesting please drop me a line at and I can tell you more about what we're doing and the
impact you might have over a coffee.