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Lachlan Hardy
2012-07-12 @ 08:35

You're an awesome community I've been part of since it started and now
I'm part of building a new one. Thus you get a one-time only
pretty-much-off-topic message.

In Ultimo, Sydney, at, we're building a community
of creative people doing incredible things on the web.

I figure this crew fits that description pretty damn well, so here's
the brief lowdown:

We’ve got desks, benches, couches, free blisteringly-fast wifi and a
bunch of great people to collaborate with.
So from 8.30am on Friday 13th July (tomorrow!) we're holding a Jelly

Bring your laptop, iPad, sketchbook or whatever you need to be
creative, and join us for the day to jam on whatever takes your fancy.

RSVP for the Jelly here:

Afterwards, to celebrate the launch of, we're throwing a
party to get to know all the wonderful people who've supported us –
to let you all get to know each other!

Join us from 5pm this Friday at our coworking space (Level 2, 645
Harris St, Ultimo) for drinks, nibbles and conversations with fellow
awesome people.

The amazing Alex Hillman (@alexknowshtml, has
made his first trip to Australia and will be talking (briefly) about
his experiences
with coworking and how having a collaborative clubhouse has impacted
work and life in Philadelphia.

I'd love to see you there, whether you RSVP or not, but I'd love it if
you let us know:

Apologies for those of you to whom this is a cross-post. What can I
say? I love both Ruby *and* JavaScript!