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JSCamp.Asia Singapore in November

JSCamp.Asia Singapore in November

Thomas Gorissen
2012-08-18 @ 13:49
Hello Sydney JS!

I'm Thomas and organising JSCamp.Asia - Undisclosured on November 29th + 
30th in Singapore this year. We are working hard to make it the 
JavaScript, web and mobile conference of the year in this part of the 
world and we invite some of the most recognised people in the web 
developer world over to make for an amazing event! Some of those people 

Eric Bidelman from the Google Chrome team and
Angus Croll from the Twitter WebCore team
Irene Ros from Bocoup and the in cooperation with The Guardian
Alex MacCaw from the payments for developer solution Stripe
Michal Budzynski from the Mozilla Firefox OS (Boot2Gecko) team and the 
onGameStart HTML5 conference
and many more!

Check out for all information!

I want to offer your community a discount of 50% for early sign-ups with 
discount code "SYDJS". Discounts are limited and won't last too long, so 
take a look early.

Let me know your feedback and I'm looking forward to host some of you in 
sunny Singapore this summer! :)

Cheers and successful coding,


PS: You find us on and, too!