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[JOB] Javascript/Coffeescript Game developer

[JOB] Javascript/Coffeescript Game developer

Martin Stannard
2012-08-21 @ 02:29
We're looking for a couple of programmers to help us build HTML5
canvas-based games and activities for a number of children's
educational websites. Our current sites use Flash extensively on the
front-end but we've made the jump to HTML5.

We're looking for full-time devs with some (or ideally, all) of these skills:

- knows Javascript / likes Coffeescript
- Ruby or similar scripting language
- experience with Easel.js or similar framework
- has had exposure to Actionscript/Flash
- has had some game development experience
- has a working knowledge of git

We're based in Leichhardt, Sydney, offer generous pay, work sensible
hours and have great team to work with.

Please send your CV / github details to
or give me a ring on 0416 156 356 to discuss.

No recruiters, thanks.