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SydJS in September will have you howling

SydJS in September will have you howling

Craig Sharkie
2012-09-03 @ 13:00
We've got an extra special SydJS this month!

YOW! are sponsoring and are flying in Damon Oehlman from Brisbane to set
the standard for the night.

But don't worry about that standard though - he's joined by Joseph Gentle
and Sam Gentle and they're both back to show him how we do things down
here. Do things like the speaker photos on the event page - Joseph is
cryptically wearing Sam's hat, Sam is posing with WOLVES, and even though
both the guys live in the same house and have the same surname, the Gentle
gents are unrelated. That's going to show him :)

And with YOW! sponsoring we're in a new venue this month, so grab your
tickets and make sure you check the new venue!

We'll be down in Hunter Street at the Optiver building, and the nice folks
at YOW! are gonna make the extra walk worth your while.

Enter SYDJS as the promotional code and they'll waive the cover charge. The
night's easily worth the $10, but they'll let you skip that part if you

Not only do they run great events - they're generous to boot!

And check out YOW! when you've got your ticket: